From the moment you walk through the door of a Universal Satori Learning centers, Inc.! , you can feel that it's the right place for your child. A love for lifelong learning really does begin here!

The mission of Universal Satori Learning Centers, Inc. (USLC) is to create:

  • a challenging and intellectually engaging learning and performing art's area within a safe, nurturing environment by providing varied learning opportunities,
  • that focus on the development of instructional excellence, leadership, and character as well as building
  • partnerships with our students, parents and the general public to ensure a diverse community of lifelong learners.

The long-range vision of USLC is to create and operate an efficient, organized and quality based educational institution for early learners 2 year olds through 8 year olds as well as making a higher thinking skills level curriculum available to other markets through virtual technology. USLC is responsible and accountable for providing the necessary educational tools (curriculum) and skills for students and teachers to develop superior levels of achievement. USLC will emphasize academic, social, and physical excellence as targeted areas of student demonstration.

In addition, Universal Satori Learning Centers, Inc. will actively engage local corporations, parents, teachers, students and the community in all aspects of learning and character building. The paradigm that emerges is an educational system that places its emphases on learning, developing skills and achieving academic success.

Universal Satori Learning centers, Inc. promises clean, secure facilities, an amazing teaching team & educational programs that are second to none.